CCC came to China and work with Huaguo Tianyu to promote ECSTEM Course

CCC (The Children Center of Caltech 加州理工学院儿童中心) 来华了解中国STEM发展情况,并与花果天育共同探讨ECSTEM (早教STEM课程) 在华发展方向。

The Children Center at Caltech (CCC) came to China to learn about the development of STEM in China and discussed the direction of the Early Childhood STEM (ECSTEM) development in China with Huaguo Tianyu.

领队Susan Wood为团队成员布置工作

Team leader Mrs.Susan Wood is assigning work for her team members

  • Susan Wood女士在华东师范大学上ECSTEM展示课程

    Susan Wood is demonstrating ECSTEM Course at the East China Normal University

  • Susan Wood与宋庆龄幼儿园园长合影留念

    Susan Wood and the principal of Song Ching Ling Kindergarten

  • 由宋庆龄幼儿园园长带领参观园区

    A guided tour by the principal of Song Ching Ling Kindergarten

  • Susan Wood与上课教师交流教学经验

    Susan Wood shares teaching experience with a front-line teacher

学生作品墙   Student Work Wall

  • CCC 成员到浙江嗳咪儿幼儿园调研

    CCC members visit the Zhejiang Aimi'er Kindergarten

  • 安吉嗳咪儿幼儿园接待Susan Wood一行参观校园

    An’ji Aimi'er Kindergarten receive Susan Wood and her team